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Say Goodbye to Pain with Pain Therapy in Richmond

Post-operation recovery can be a challenging time. Sometimes people just need to deal with pain, which can intensify after a surgery. Struggling patients need something to help them through this difficult period and pain therapy can help.

Terra Nova Physiotherapy provides a diverse range of solutions for patients dealing with pain. Our team of physiotherapists and specialists bring all of their skills and knowledge to the table to help you get better and lead a pain-free lifestyle.

Pain Therapy in Richmond – How Does It Help?

After orthopedic and traumatic surgery, people fall into a stage where the pain increases day by day. Working with health specialists and anesthesiologists, Terra Nova Physiotherapy takes steps to help people recover.

People face serious health problems that require surgical intervention. Their recovery can be challenging, but thanks to vast improvements in the field of pain therapy in Richmond, people have the chance to get relief. Terra Nova Physiotherapy uses a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. With the guidance of our expert pain therapists, Terra Nova Physiotherapy is the leaders in pain management in Richmond BC.

Types of Pain Therapy in Richmond

Terra Nova Physio approaches pain therapy methods from a technical perspective. Skilled and certified therapists are available to find the exact point of the pain and to create a solution using the technical methods skillfully.

  1. NSAIDs: it stands for “Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs “
  2. Over the Counter suggestions (OTCS)
  3. Prescription Medication (Rx)

In today’s world, where the pain is, unfortunately, a part of some lives, Terra Nova Physiotherapy is a trustworthy organization that has your best interests in mind.

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