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Some people define acupuncture with neurological science and others say that it creates a balance of vital energy. Still, this ancient treatment works! Terra Nova Physiotherapy has a team of expert acupuncturists in Richmond BC. Like all treatments, acupuncture should be practiced by those who have experience and the know-how to successfully treat the human body.

Acupuncture involves strategically inserting needles into the right points of the body to create an exact balance of the vital energy. Terra Nova Physiotherapy uses this ancient science to help ease pain, stiffness, and tense muscles. Our expert acupuncturist in Richmond will make sure you feel energized and rejuvenated at the end of every session.

Uses of Acupuncture in Richmond

Headache, back pain, migraine, neck pain, and lower back pain are all different various health problems people face today. Acupuncture is a practically fruitful treatment method, which can solve these physical problems if it is applied by good hands. Terra Nova Physiotherapy has specialists with an intuitive grasp of this therapy technique and a commitment to improving the patient's quality of life. We provide the best treatment at an affordable rate.

According to the statistics of WHO (World Health Organization), it has been proven that acupuncture is a truly effective treatment method and it heals the pain. Terra Nova Physio provides the best acupuncture treatment in Richmond and people are getting results from it.

Acupuncture is Mainly Effective for:

  1. Gastric ulcer
  2. Dental pain
  3. Vomiting after the chemotherapy
  4. Facial pain
  5. Morning sickness etc.

Advantages of Acupuncture in Richmond

There are some obvious benefits of using acupuncture. There’s a reason that this technique has been around for thousands of years and is enjoying a resurgence in the modern world. Some benefits of acupuncture include:

  1. Very few side effects
  2. It can be combined with other treatments and methods.
  3. Acupuncturist in Richmond are very skilled
  4. The All-natural method of healing

Acupuncture comes from traditional medical theory in China, and like different types of Chinese massages, it can be highly effective. When combined with other forms of physical therapy, it can improve your quality of life significantly.

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