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Physiotherapy is a unique treatment method, by which people get treated from their physical issues. Physiotherapy is a longstanding proven method which has been around for many years. Physiotherapy is a scientific method and should only be practiced by those who have had the appropriate theoretical educational training. Physiotherapy in Richmond can be found in many different places, however the physiotherapists at Terra Nova are well trained and have an experienced track record of knowledge about the human body.

The Organization:

Terra Nova Physio is an organization where people can go to ensure they are on the quickest track to recovery. There are many “youTube” solutions out there these days, from self-diagnosing to attempting to fix your issues at your own risk. Physiotherapists in our Richmond location have a set up that helps people get on the track to recovery using a proven recovery method that works. Our experts know exactly how to pinpoint the exact point of the pain. With years of educational and practical experience, the physiotherapists at Terra Nova Physio are absolutely the team to rely on.

Skilled professionals can be trusted time and time again. Physiotherapists in our Richmond clinic have maintained a consistent process and are always found to be reliable when constructing “back to health” plans for their clients. Starting with preventative measures to ensure injuries are not worsened,  to treating chronic conditions, the experts at Terra Nova Physio have it covered. People are regularly facing many kinds of health issues and getting sicker it seems, so we need to keep up. Think, if people could find one-stop solutions for all their physical problems, they could enjoy their lives so much more! Our physiotherapists in Richmond have dealt with numerous physical issues and would have no problem diagnosing your either.

Providing Therapy:

Physiotherapy is such an effective treatment which includes manipulation, exercise, and massage. Our Richmond location has health professionals who are certified in kinesiology theory, and know how to use their assessments to help you get back in motion.

Athletic therapy provided by Terra Nova Physio has been a focus for quite some time, and with the increasing number of residents in Richmond, we’ve never been busier. People who have injuries such as muscle pain, chronic problems, or physical unfitness can be sure to trust the name Terra Nova when they think “Physiotherapy in Richmond’. With not only manual therapy but also electrotherapies as an option, Terra Nova has the best team to take care of your road to recovery.

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