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Expert Solution for Back Strain in Richmond

Back is a complex structure made by muscle, tendons, nerves, ligaments, and bone. It supports the body’s activities, helps you walk, move your arms, and perform complex physical tasks. It is also vital for communication between the brain and all extremities. If the back is strained or damaged in some way, it can hamper your movements and make it difficult to carry out everyday tasks.

People can strain their back while walking, running, lifting things, or even sitting in one place for a long time. At Terra Nova Physio, we provide expert care and will help you recover completely from back strain.

Causes and Solution of Back Strain in Richmond

If the tendon or the muscle on the back gets injured, that is a strain and there are several treatment options available for the problem. Terra Nova Physiotherapy has a team of specialists who can help you. Back strain is a common injury that happens people from all walks of life, whether they are young and old, active or inactive, underweight or overweight, etc. There are few human body activities are responsible for a back strain:

  1. People get injured while bending or crouching repeatedly.
  2. An extreme level of physical exertion/ wrong exercises.
  3. Lifting heavy objects.
  4. Falling.

Terra Nova Physio is a great place to visit when dealing with a nagging back strain. We have specialists and physiotherapists who are experienced and can diagnose critical physical problems. Once a diagnosis is made, we create a comprehensive plan to guide your body back to full health.

You can find the right solution for back strain by visiting your local physiotherapy specialists at Terra Nova Physiotherapy in Richmond BC. Visit or call today!

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